Dissolution Process


Gain New Insights About the Dissolution of Marriage

Fortunately, there are attorneys who have impeccable ethics, have good hearts, and help couples dissolve their marriages without having to spend a fortune. There is also an unfortunate truth that some attorneys push people into a divorce because the attorney knows he/she will make much more money on a divorce than on a dissolution.

The focus at Langhals Law is to lead clients through the dissolution process in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. As a matter of fact, so many dissolutions have been handled at Langhals Law over the years, that we have a system in place that streamlines the dissolution process and is very easy to follow for everyone involved.

The Process

Here are the steps of our process:
1.) The client [and his/her spouse] are given the affidavits and forms to fill out at home. The client is also provided with a checklist of paperwork to collect and turn in to the attorney. We call this the “Homework.” Completing the Homework at home saves the couple money because they are filling out these documents themselves instead of having the attorney fill them out.

2.) The client sends the documentation back to Langhals Law by either dropping it off at the office, scanning and emailing it, faxing it, or mailing it. Mr. Langhals converts the information from the Homework into a Separation Agreement, Shared Parenting Plan/Parenting Plan, Petition for Dissolution, Decree of Dissolution, etc.

3.) The client and his/her spouse come into the office
for a “Joint Meeting.” We go over all of the documentation on a big screen to ensure everything is correct. We make changes if necessary, and then we print off the documents for signature. If the unrepresented
spouse wishes to have an attorney review the paperwork before
signing it, we let the unrepresented spouse take the documents to an attorney for a review and simply wait for the paperwork to be returned. It usually takes 10 to 14 days to get an appointment to have an attorney perform a review, so this does not cause much of a delay.


4.) We file the dissolution paperwork and wait for our Court date. The
scheduling bailiff sets the Final Hearing Date and sends out a Notice.
We will also let you both know the date and time.

5.) We arrive at the Courthouse about 15 to 20 minutes ahead of time to
make sure we have plenty of time to find our courtroom and get
comfortable. The Final Hearing only takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

6.) The couple can expect to receive the Final Orders (aka – Decree of
Dissolution) within a week or two of the Final Hearing.

Reach Out

For any inquiries about the dissolution process, please contact me today. I look forward to working with you soon.