Matthew Langhals

Matthew Langhals started his career as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in St. Clair County, MI.  After eight years, he then began a career in private practice and moved back to his home state of Ohio.  In 2012, Matthew opened his own firm with a focus on family law and an additional focus on creating an atmosphere where clients can feel understood, involved, and educated.  It's hard enough getting through a family law matter, and you don't want an attorney who makes it harder. Matthew believes educating clients about the law and the legal process provides each client with a better understanding and a greater sense of comfort.  

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Lauren Kimmel

Lauren Kimmel began her career as a law clerk at the Madison County Court of Common Pleas. She was then promoted to the position of staff attorney. Lauren was then appointed as the Magistrate of the Domestic Relations Division of the Madison County Court in 2013 and served in that capacity until 2018.  She then became the Managing Attorney of the Marion office for the Legal Aid Society of Columbus.  Lauren joined Matthew Langhals in September 2021 because they both believed that being a lawyer should mean treating everyone with respect, applying common sense to resolving family issues, and helping clients get through a tough time in their lives with kindness and understanding.

With Lauren's experience practicing as a divorce attorney in Marion County and practicing as a divorce attorney in Delaware County, Langhals Law now serves clients in Champaign, Delaware, Logan, Madison, Marion and Union County.

Our Core Values

Honesty and transparency are both extremely important when it comes to being reputable and trustworthy lawyers. We believe that communicating in an open and clear manner is the only way to do business. We will work with you to create a game plan that manages your case efficiently, effectively, and responsibly.


Why Choose Langhals Law

Matthew and Lauren have extensive backgrounds in the legal field, but what truly sets them apart is their character, personality, and ability to educate their clients and make their clients feel like they are an important part of the team:  because they are an important part of the team. This environment provides a sense of comfort, involvement and mutual respect which we believe is necessary. We look at a client's legal matter like a ship filled with valuable cargo:  You are the captain of your ship, and we are the navigators who set your course, so you don't run aground.  We want you safely in port.

Our Affiliations

  • Members of the Union County Chamber of Commerce

  • Members of the Union County Bar Association

  • Members of the Ohio State Bar Association

  • Director and Co-Director of the Hope Legal Clinic

  • Matthew is a Board Member and Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Care Train of Union County

  • Matthew is an Honorary Member of the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club


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