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Work With a Reputable and Considerate Attorney

Working with the team at Langhals Law allows clients to gain a broader understanding of their legal issues. This understanding can result in a more efficient, cost effective, and reasonable approach to resolving complicated topics in a variety of legal matters.

About Our Attorneys

The attorneys at Langhals Law take pride in knowing the law and providing the most approachable, honest, and friendly legal services you can find. The general reputation of attorneys is not stellar. Perhaps that is why there are so many "lawyer jokes." However, if you read the ethical principles which established the profession, attoreys are supposed to be the people we look up to as the most honest and upstanding citizens of our community. Attorneys are supposed to give people advice based on the law, reason, and common sense. Attorneys were meant to solve problems; not manufacture loopholes that create more problems. We embrace the respectable, helpful, old world view of the attorney, and that is why clients come to us.


What Makes Langhals Law Special

Excellent Customer Service

Sound legal advice is not the only thing clients can expect at Langhals Law. It’s one thing for a lawyer to give a client direction, but it is another thing for a client to understand why he/she is going in that direction. This educational approach can really help to avoid pitfalls and setbacks.

Honest Case Analysis

Transparency is always important in handling any legal issue. That is why we closely work with you and make sure to maintain an open line of communication. In this manner, we can properly educate you about each step of the legal process and guide you to make the best decisions.


Our Legal Services

We offer our expertise in the following practice areas:

  • Divorce, Dissolution, and Mediation

  • Custody and Parenting Time

  • Step Parent Adoption

  • OVI and Traffic 

  • Criminal Law

  • Parenting Coordination

Service Areas

Aside from serving our local community in Marysville and Delaware, Ohio, we also extend our legal services to clients residing in the following counties:

  • Champaign County

  • Delaware County

  • Logan County

  • Madison County

  • Marion County

  • Union County


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