Juvenile Traffic


Seek Legal Representation for Your Child’s Juvenile Traffic Case

Langhals Law represents minors who have been charged with a juvenile traffic offense. Representing a minor with a traffic ticket is different than representing an adult with a traffic ticket. Although we hope adults learn their lessons when they get tickets, there is a focus on ensuring the minor really has learned a lesson.  The juvenile court system is set up to educate and instill compliance with traffic laws.  A teenager is not necessarily going to get a hefty fine, but he/she could lose driving privileges.  Every case is treated differently.  Read more about this below. 

Juvenile Traffic Offenses

Most offenses involve speeding or violations attributable to not paying attention, like rolling through a stop sign or improper lane use. Most of the time the fine will be between $25.00 and $50.00, plus the payment of Court costs, but the scary part comes with finding out what kind of license suspension the Court levies against the driver.

Possible Penalties

For a First Offense, the minor should expect to pay a fine of up to $50.00 along with Court costs. The minor should also be prepared to face a license suspension of some kind, which could last as little as 30 days, or when a 16-year-old gets a ticket, could last until the driver turns 17 years of age. For a Second Offense, or for serious driving infractions, like OVI, the minor should expect fines, Court costs, a license suspension, and a period of probation (aka – community control). Naturally, nobody wants to have to face penalties like these, so a skilled attorney can help with damage control and lessen the possible penalties.

For instance, if eligible, a teen driver can take a driver improvement course to avoid a ticket. There are a few other ways to keep the penalties from being levied too harshly, but following the guidance we provide to the letter will be very important. With that said, the best thing a teen driver can do is obey the law and pay attention. That’s always a much better option than ignoring the law and paying an attorney.

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