Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian ad Litem’s duty is to investigate cases involving custody and parenting time, and right a report to the Court with an evaluation and recommendation regarding custody and parenting time which serves the best interest of the children involved.

GAL Investigation

The vast majority of parents want to do what is in their child’s best interest. There is not much of a question there. The issue arises when one parent thinks A, B, and C are in the child’s best interest and the other parent thinks C, D, and E are in the child’s best interest. As you can see, there is usually some overlap, but when the parents just cannot form a united front for their children, a GAL helps to clear the air by getting to the bottom of the issues and, providing the Court with his/her objective opinion.

What to Expect from a GAL

GAL’s perform their duties in cases involving divorcing parents, divorce parents, and parents who were never married. You should expect a GAL to perform his or her duties objectively, politely and professionally. The GAL should also interview the parents, the children and other people who know the children or the situation. Remember, a GAL can’t interview people he/she does not know about, so don’t be shy in giving the GAL the names and phone numbers of 3 or 4 people who can provide the GAL with much-needed insight. This is how I conduct my GAL investigations, and the GAL’s I know who do an excellent job do the same thing.

Seek Legal Counsel

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