Complete the Adoption Process With Sound Legal Advice

The adoption process can sometimes feel overwhelming, but once clients see how all the parts of the adoption process fit together, they stop feeling overwhelmed and get back to feeling comfortable.

Types of Adoption

Adult Adoption

Once a child reaches the age of 18, he/she can fully consent to a step-parent adoption. This makes the process much more straight forward, but hiring an attorney to make the arrangements and help you avoid the errors which typically cause delay and frustration is a prudent course of action.

Step-Parent Adoption

Adopting a step-child can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience, but the wonderment can sometimes get lost in all of the paperwork and requirements a family is expected to complete. It is always an honor to help families with adoptions, so processing all of the paperwork, educating you about the adoption assessment, and attending court with you is our way of taking the stress out of the process and putting the wonderment back in.

Uncontested Adoption

There are times when a child’s biological parents do not wish to retain their parental rights and provide their consent for adoption. Although the process may seem similar to the previous cases, it can also be different with its own challenges and circumstances.

Making sure the various forms and consent documents are properly completed are crucial in these kinds of cases. Moving the case forward in a positive direction and meeting timelines not only keeps the case on track but allows for a smooth and comfortable transition for the child. Though an adoption is rewarding for the adults involved, we want to make sure the child is happy and content.

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