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Last will and testament

Difficult talks are easier now, not later.

Did you know 71% of adults under the age of 34 don't have a will? 65% of all Americans don't have a will either. Discussing how your intentions will be honored after passing is a difficult, somber talk. But doing it now protects your family, and stops pain and suffering for them later. Never let the courts decide the fate of your estate or your heirs.

Your will protects you and your family

A will is the most important piece of paper you'll sign for another person. It provides direction, peace of mind for your family, and ensures proper care of your children.


A will guarantees your memory is honored.

I provide quality probate document drafting for


"I always hated having to talk to my old attorney, but you talked to me like a real person and I actually looked forward to talking to you when I had office appointments."


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living will

Protect your family, ensure your final wishes are honored in your will.


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Is your existing will ironclad?

Your will is a lifelong legal companion. It ensures the well-being of your family, protects your final wishes, and ensures your heirs receive their appropriate inheritances.


Contact me, Matthew Langhals, Attorney At Law LLC of Marysville, OH, today and together we'll review your existing will. I will thoroughly review your will and revise it and update it to better protect you.

drafting for will

Protecting your family and your estate, by making wishes legally honored.

I offer convenient in-home appointments! You have a busy schedule and long days. If you can't make it to my office, simply call me. I will happily draft or review your documents in the comfort of your home, on the day or weekend that works best for you.

Online wills—a bad idea

Online resources claim they provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to draft your own will. They do not. These automated services provide a one-size-fits-all will. Such a will won't adequately protect every aspect of your estate, your family, or your wishes.


Leave the legalese to a man dedicated to it. I will provide you the appropriate drafted will and make sure your constituencies are well taken care of.

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