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Collaborative divorce reduces your court requirements to one simple, short hearing.


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Collaborative divorce is an easy way out

I will be your avenue to a better separation. Together we'll sit down and discuss the right way to achieve mutual agreements with your partner, finding you an easy resolution.

There is a better way!

Ohio has several rules to guide you, your partner, his or her attorney, and me, through an efficient divorce. Following these rules will take you on the path to dissolution and not the path to more hardship and strife.

Ugly or easy, you'll get the same divorce results


"I hired Matt to help me with my child custody case and everything worked out great!"


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"Sounds easy! But why the ugly way?"

Some couples simply believe they don't have any other options. This is false. You may have heard the horror stories of friends and family. You don't have to be that couple.


Work with me, Matthew Langhals, Attorney At Law LLC of Marysville, OH, and together we'll accomplish the requirements of Ohio's courts - without

the court's involvement and thousands of dollars wasted.

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Helping clients of Marysville and throughout Ohio reach easy separation.

Think your divorce will take a year, even two? I have settled collaborative divorces in two months! That's at least ten months of your life saved. The total cost for my clients? Between 50% and 70% less than the typical divorce.

"How does collaborative divorce work?"

Collaboration means teamwork, and that's exactly what you'll get: A professional team consisting of myself, your partner's attorney, a realtor, if needed, a child counselor, if needed, and any other professionals to aid in the division of assets.


We will work carefully to create agreements and find alternatives to equitable division. Perhaps you want to keep your home, but your spouse wants to sell. The value of the house's equity can be made up elsewhere!


Perhaps your and your spouse's conflicting schedules create daily or weekly challenges for custody. Agreeing to different schedules and unique timeframes can account for this.


Alternatives like these abound. We just need to work together to find them. Nearly always, you and your partner can reach 50/50 division while having your wishes honored.

That's why together we'll satisfy the below conditions necessary to achieve your separation - but without the endless trials, hearings and days in court:

  • You and your spouse have equally and equitably divided your property and debts

  • You and your spouse have addressed spousal support and the amount, if needed

  • You and your spouse have created a Parenting Plan, if necessary

  • You and your spouse have set child support, if necessary

  • You don't want to get involved in a long, emotional battle

  • You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on divorce

  • You don't want to do what everyone else has done