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Resolving your conflicts without costly lawsuits

You've heard the infamous line, "I'll see you in court!" Often this is an empty threat. But sometimes you will encounter the possibility of a lawsuit - or you may even be considering filing one yourself. But how can you save money, and resolve your conflict without a court?

Mediation or arbitration!

"How does this solve my conflict?"

Mediation is a settlement of a dispute or conflict by choosing an independent person between two contending parties, to aid them in the settlement of their dispute. Sound like a lawsuit? Replace "person" with "court", add thousands of dollars in needless expenses and that's what you have. This works better.

I'll offer you an affordable alternative to court


"Our job is to do what is best for our client.  Litigation is rarely a good idea, and I believe, as Attorney Langhals appears to believe as well, that there are other and better ways to fairly resolve disputes rather than litigation."


- Peter Kirner, Divorce/Separation Attorney


Seek the time-saving, less costly avenue to conflict resolution. Avoid lawsuits.


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Arbitration—a court-free ruling

When informal arbitration isn't the right tool, arbitration may provide the avenue to a mutual resolution for you. Unlike a mediator, an arbitrator issues his or her unbiased, objective opinion on what resolution is best. This involves detailed review of evidence, arguments and witnesses.


Solving the conflicts of Marysville, OH residents outside of court since 2001.

You may elect for binding arbitration, or non-binding arbitration. The former requires you and your opposing party accept the final ruling. The latter is simply a tool to see how an arbitrator objectively views your situation.


I possess the comprehensive experience of trials, testimony, litigation and evidence review necessary to be your thoroughly involved and objective mediator or arbitrator.

Mediation is a perfect solution for both parties, and both parties will be incentivized to choose it! Neither you nor your opposing party will want to spend your time and money in court. You'll avoid the court fees and work with a more personable decision-maker. Mediation is also non-binding and uncomplicated—this is simply a means to a mutually-agreed resolution. Let me, Matthew Langhals, Attorney At Law LLC of Marysville, OH, discuss with you what you need to know.