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Protecting those who can protect themselves

When you, your children or a loved one cannot confidently represent your or their wishes or own best interests, I will ensure protection is adequate in contested or violent cases. As your guardian ad litem, I protect the rights of children and others in court. Give your case to me, Matthew Langhals, Attorney At Law LLC of Marysville, OH, and you'll see how much I can do.

Protection in cases covering

  • Child abuse

  • Child neglect

  • Child dependency

  • Contested divorce

  • Child custody and visitation

  • Probate matters

Certified to protect residents throughout Ohio


"I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Langhals is an excellent family law attorney. It is clear that he works diligently to serve the needs of his clients."


- Gabriel Moorman, fellow Attorney

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Ensure your loved one's rights are protected in a court of law.


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Going above and beyond for you

Many times a court appoints a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) to investigate the circumstances of a case, and determine the best interests for their child or adult client. Unfortunately, most GALs simply do not conduct the investigative research and put forth the effort needed.

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Solving the conflicts of Marysville, OH residents outside of court since 2001.

The average GAL's report is a mere 3 to 5 pages - not close to enough information to provide the courts with appropriate information. This is not enough information to protect your loved ones.


I take a truly investigative approach to your or your child's case. My reports average 25 to 30 pages, and I exhaust every legal and professional tool at my disposal to ensure my duties as your GAL are thoroughly fulfilled. My clients' well-being depends on it, and I fully understand that. I have helped settle every case to which I've been appointed.

I am certified through the Supreme Court of Ohio as a guardian ad litem for clients in Union County, Logan County, and Franklin County. Your or your loved one's best interests are always my top priority, regardless of the case or challenging circumstances.