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Exhausting All Options for an Easier Separation

"Divorce" is an unfortunate word that carries a nasty connotation. You and your spouse may think it's an adversarial, combative thing. But it doesn't have to be that way for you!


You're already experiencing stress and hardship. Work with me, Matthew Langhals, Attorney At Law LLC of Marysville, OH, and together we can transform your "divorce" into "sensible separation." I won't fan the flames like other attorneys by encouraging endless court hearings. Together we can reach agreements with attentive care.

The options below benefit you greatly

  • They cost less than contested divorce

  • They are not nearly as stressful as contested divorce

  • These options require attorney's best efforts and advice

  • They settle the case quickly - within weeks, not years

  • Mediation, your last option, does not require an attorney

Dissolution—the sensible separation

But it does not carry the challenges! There are no pre-trial hearings, conferences, more hearings, and trials.


Divorce court does not benefit you, or your children. The same agreements and judgments will be reached - but with great cost, more conflict, and more hardship. Dissolution saves you money and precious time. Perhaps your partner refuses, or certain issues require a trial. But nearly always, we can settle your separation without court. Even through conflict, you and I can bring peace to the table.

"I came into his office wanting to sue my ex for everything under the sun for divorce. Matthew talked me down and told me how divorce actually works."


- G.H.

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Never attempt the "do-it-yourself" divorce books or online forms.


Save the time and money of repetitive errors and never-ending court dates.


Call Attorney Matthew Langhals

for quality legal separation:


Collaborative divorce without court

You and your partner may be willing to communicate. You may be able to reach agreements, but challenges of trust require additional assurance of fairness.


That is where I provide you and your partner with the appropriate, delicate legal oversight to ensure fair conditions.

Unhappy couple

Your divorce can be easy and amicable. If it's not, we'll overcome it confidently.

Yes, attorneys will still be involved. But I will work closely with your partner's attorney, and ensure avoidance of trial and court is a top priority in reaching fair agreements.

Mediation—the fair way to mutual agreements

Median is your third option for an amicable, non-contested separation. Together you and your partner will meet with a mediator to discuss division of property and debt, and child support and custody.


Your mediator is a neutral third party. He or she is not going to favor your partner over you, and vice versa. Together you'll find middle ground upon which you can agree.


I will be your objective, fair mediator. Together you will both save time and money.

  • Fair division of property and debt

  • Determining child custody

  • Determining child support

  • Spousal support, if needed

Dissolution provides all the necessary accomplishments of divorce: