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"There is absolutely nothing negative that could be said about Matt. You will not find a more devoted attorney than him. He's informative, and works hard on his cases. He's truthful with you, and in no way misleads you. I worked with 2 other attorneys prior to Matt, and he without a doubt will be who I stick with for years to come."

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Matthew Langhals, Attorney At Law LLC of Marysville, OH confidently serves the legal, family, juvenile, and protective needs of residents in Marysville, Bellefontaine, Urbana, and surrounding central Ohio.



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Endorsed by families, individuals, and colleagues for my attentive legal care.

- Amber, client

"We came to Matt asking his help with a stepparent adoption. At our first meeting with Matt, he was very clear and concise on what the steps would be that we would need to take. Throughout the entire process, Matt was very informative and kept us up to date on any information that would come in on what needed to be done to complete the adoption. Matt exceeded all of our expectations! Thanks so much Matt!"

- Voiles Family, client

"Matthew came through for me when I had lost hope the first and the last time we spoke he brought me to tears, helping me get over hurdles, giving me options and solutions to help my situation."

- Deanna, client

"Matt helped me with my child custody case. He was very good about explaining the procedure and helping me understand how the law worked. He was very honest with me and let me know where I stood in the eyes of the court. Matt talked to the other lawyer and worked everything out. When we went to court it worked out exactly the way Matt said it would. I recommend Matt for anyone who needs a lawyer for custody cases."

- Anonymous, client

Matthew is the nicest lawyer I have ever met! He is very organized, professional and efficient in his line of work. He was my attorney for a dissolution. No matter how a marriage ends, it is a very stressful and sad time. Matthew encourages a fair division and makes a difficult process more simple. He made both of us feel respected and treated fairly, even though he only represented me. He answered BOTH our questions with honesty. He made a difficult time in our lives be dissolved quickly and in the cheapest way possible. It is also up to the client to eliminate the extra layers of stress and do things fairly. Matthew is a stand up guy that will facilitate your needs in a quick and affordable way. It's up to the client, the route they want to take!

- Carra Makarova, client

Professional Endorsements

"I endorse this lawyer. Matthew is a fine lawyer with an excellent grasp of both the law and the trial tactics needed to win cases. He is an excellent advocate and works not only hard, but also SMART for his clients. His answers to complex legal issues show an excellent grasp of the law, and his dedication to the community is revealed by his excellent work on public forums such as AVVO. If you hire this man, I believe that he will get you excellent results."

- Curt Bogen, Divorce and Separation Attorney

"In reviewing Attorney Langhals contributions it is clear he has strong client communication skills and a practical problem-solving approach. These skills will make or break a case and are essential on top of a solid grasp of the law."

- Deborah Hoffman, Family Law Attorney

"Mr. Langhals' answer is as well written and on target as any I have read on AVVO."

- David S. Delugas, Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Langhals is an excellent family law attorney. It is clear that he works diligently to serve the needs of his clients."

- Gabriel Moorman, Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Langhals has commented on several of my answers here on Avvo. His comments have always been based on my support of alternative dispute resolution, rather than litigation. I endorse anyone who supports ADR and understands that their job as an attorney is not just about winning, or making money. Our job is to do what is best for our client.  Litigation is rarely a good idea, and I believe, as Attorney Langhals appears to believe as well, that there are other and better ways to fairly resolve disputes rather than litigation. Anyone who supports mediation, and other forms of resolution deserves my support as well."

- Peter Kirner, Divorce and Separation Attorney

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